Saturday, January 12, 2008

When Hugo was riding his bicycle around Sai Gon market, he ran into Vince with a girl. They were very happy to see each other but felt a little anxious because there was a girl beside Vince. While they were still in speechless, the girl asked Vince:

“is he your brother?”

Vince answer: “well, you can say so.” then turned to Hugo, he said :
“this is Nancy, my girlfriend.” Hung said hi to the girl. She was not pretty, and she was fat. Hugo wondered why Vince had picked her as a girlfriend. They asked Hugo to join them. Hugo can not find a reason to refuse, so he had to tag along. Vince and Hugo were very quiet at that night. Nancy was the person who talked a lot. She seemed to be very happy. Before saying goodbye, Vince whispered in Hugo’s ear “forgive me baby. You know that I am bisexual, right”

Hugo felt sad. Actually, he knew that when he first met Vince. Sometimes, Hugo was mad at himself for loving bisexual guys. But then he said, “oh well, “

Hugo answer Vince :

“ Don’t worry, I am ok with it honey.”

Hugo knew that Vince had to marry in someday. The matter was the time. Nothing will last forever. Hung loved that quote.

Khong co gi la vinh cuu

Hung dang lang thang ngoai duong pho bong gap Viet cung mot nguoi con gai. Hung va Viet deu mung ro nhung chua biet noi gi thi nguoi con gai len tieng hoi:

“ em trai anh do a?”

Viet tra loi : “em ket nghia” roi quay sang Hung bao “ day la chi Nguyet , ban gai cua anh?” Hung gat dau chao chi Nguyet. Chi ta khong dep, dang nguoi map map, Hung tu hoi tai sao anh Viet lai cap bo voi mot nguoi nhu the. Hom do Hung va Viet rat it noi, chi co Nguyet la huyen thuyen suot buoi. Duong nhu chi ta vui suong lam. Truoc khi chia tay, Viet noi nho vao tai Hung:

“ em tha loi cho anh. Em da biet rang anh di hai chieu”

Hung hoi buon. Hung da biet dieu do tu lau. Doi khi Hung gian chinh ban than minh vi chang thich nhung chang trai bisexual, nhung do la so thich, biet lam sao duoc. The roi Hung lai vui. Hung mim cuoi noi voi Viet:

“ anh yen tam, em khong sao ca. “

Hung biet som muon gi Viet se lay vo, se co con . Van de chi la thoi gian. Cuoc doi khong co gi vinh cuu. Hung rat thich cau noi ay...